Safaris in Lake Nakuru National Park

Top Lake Nakuru National Park Safaris

Lake Nakuru national park, with its wide ecological diversity, varied habitats, and large saline water body, is one of Kenya's best places to visit for bird-watching. There are many species of birds here, including vast numbers of pink flamingos; some are endemic to Kenya. Many of the birds migrate here seasonally from as far away as the Middle East.

Great Things to do at Lake Nakuru in Kenya

Lake Nakuru national park is made up of many attractive physical features such as Makalia falls, lake Nakuru and hills. The lake and surrounding grasslands are protected within the boundaries of the Lake Nakuru National Park, an ecologically diverse and stunningly beautiful part of the Rift Valley. 

The Lake also majors as the sanctuary of the endangered White Rhino and the Rothchild Giraffe.

What to Enjoy with Horizon Budget Kenya Safaris

Go on a Safari

Of course, the best thing to do at Lake Nakuru is to go on safari. Join a game drive to truly experience this stunning part of Africa. Exploring in the early morning or late afternoon will give you the best chance of seeing the most wildlife, as this is when the animals are most active. All of the big five with the exception of elephants can be found within the park, as well as other classic African wildlife such as zebra, giraffe and cheetah. Many people will visit just for the opportunity to see white rhino in its natural habitat, an opportunity found in few other places on the continent.

Take Views at The Baboon Cliff

Baboon Cliff is the most popular lookout in Lake national park because it offers incredible panoramas of Lake Nakuru while remaining accessible. Visitors have to share the experience with the resident population of baboons who also enjoy the surroundings. While most are harmless and used to safari-goers, the larger males can occasionally be aggressive, so take care when visiting.

Sight of Thousands of Pink Flamingos and The Pelicans

The sight of thousands of pink flamingos and the Pelicans feeding on the algae of Lake Nakuru is one of the world’s great wildlife spectacles. A few years ago, millions of these elegant, colourful birds could be seen at any one time on the lake. Then, mysteriously, they disappeared altogether. Now they’ve returned again, but in diminished numbers, as they migrate out to other lakes across the Rift Valley too. At Lake Nakuru though, there are still thousands of flamingos and the Pelicans to be seen. This majestic sight is best observed at the height of the dry season in January and February when the birds are at their most numerous.