Amboseli National Park Safari 2023

Amboseli National Park

This large wildlife park is in southern Kenya, about three hour drive from Nairobi. The terrain and environment vary, as the park is on the border of Kenya and Tanzania.

If you're looking to see elephants in their natural environment, Amboseli National Park is the place to go. The lush, protected landscape means the park is a dry-season (October through January) feeding area for the elephants who live in the region's plains and swamps.

Activities to do in Amboseli National Park

Amboseli national park is a home of wild animals and mostly boast of high population of Red Jumbo Elephants which are inhabitant of open plains, acacia woodland, rocky thorn bush, and marsh land.

Popular Experiences in Amboseli 

Game Drive Viewing

Game drive viewing are conducted all day long but the best time to see wild animals is early in the morning which starts at 6:00am till 12:30am and evening begins at 2pm till 7:00pm.

During day time visitors to the park can see elephants, as there's a large population of them, along with African Cape buffalo, baboons, aardwolf, jackals, lions, fringed eared Oryx, Thomson’s, Grants gazelles, Hippopotamus, zebras and more.

There are leopards there, too, but they can be very hard to track or spot. There are also monkeys and a large assortment of spotted hyenas and small mammals. It's also an excellent place for bird-watching.

Views Of Mount Kilimanjaro

Amboseli is the backdrop of the African highest Mountain, The Mount Kilimanjaro which can be viewed on a clear weather day throughout the year.